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The maker of the world’s first
smart home coffee roaster.

IKAWA designs and manufactures smart coffee roasters in London, England. Our roasting technology offers superior precision and is extremely easy to control. We make coffee roasting clean, efficient, simple, consistent, versatile, and a perfect extension to your experience of making coffee at home.


Popular Questions

What do I get from buying an IKAWA At Home?

When you purchase the IKAWA At Home, you will be sure to always enjoy the freshest coffee at home using our custom-made At Home app which digitally controls the Roaster via roast recipes. These recipes allow you to control the time of roast, temperature and fan speed at various points. This means that you’ll always get perfect consistency from your roasts as time and heat is applied precisely how you want it.

The complimentary Green Coffee Starter Kit you receive at purchase and all subsequent green coffee purchased from IKAWA include recommended filter and espresso recipes that are crafted by our experienced team. We are confident that you will enjoy these recipes right out of the bag. You can use these recipes as a springboard to customise your own or simply create recipes from scratch.

We believe that with the IKAWA At Home, your coffee journey will be taken to the next level as you experiment with the freshest green coffee. We believe that you will find recipes that you love and consistently enjoy them every single time.

Why should I roast my own coffee?

What if we told you that the coffee you enjoy could taste even fresher and exactly what you had in mind? If you want to take your coffee experience to the next level, coffee roasting is your next step. When you have tasted the freshest cup of coffee, exactly the way you want it roasted, you will not want to go back. The IKAWA At Home will give you control and flexibility all from an app, as you will be able to experiment with the freshest coffee available to find and create recipes that you can truly call your own.

Additionally, our goal at IKAWA is to positively affect the whole coffee supply chain, that means fair payment for farmers and helping them improve their coffee farming process. The green coffee we provide to all our customers are traceable to their source, and our experienced team creates recommended filter and espresso recipes for all coffee we offer. In essence, our mission is to improve the coffee experience for all, that includes the farmers and the end consumers.

What can I achieve with the IKAWA Home Roaster?

The IKAWA Home Roaster is designed to help you achieve the freshest coffee that is exactly to your liking. This could range anywhere from a filter/drip/pour-over coffee to dark Italian espresso/mocha.

You will be able to achieve this because of the freedom of control you will have all from the accompanying IKAWA At Home app. You can control the time of roast, temperature and fan speed at various points of the roast with pinpoint accuracy. As the Roaster is digitally managed, you will achieve consistent roast results time and time again with the roast recipes you have created. This means your perfect coffee, fresh every single morning!

Is the IKAWA At Home for me? What about the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster?

If you are a coffee lover wanting to take more ownership of your coffee at home experience, with ultimate freshness and tastes tailored to your unique preference – the IKAWA Home roaster is for you!

The IKAWA Professional Sample Roaster is designed for coffee industry businesses who need absolute roast control, consistency, and a data-driven approach to making important green coffee purchasing decisions. To achieve this, the Pro Sample Roaster offers more control, roast data and roasting tools (such as RoR and Cropster integration), and is certified to lab standards, among others.

While the underlying technology of the Home roaster is based on our Pro technology, the two products are tailored to very different needs and users. The IKAWA At Home is designed for coffee lovers to be able to enjoy consistently fresh and great-tasting coffee customised exactly to how you like it.

We believe the IKAWA Home Roaster is the best choice for your kitchen, allowing you to unlock the flavours and freshness that home roasting on an IKAWA Home can offer. If you would like to learn more about the IKAWA Sample Roaster, please visit here.

Getting Started with IKAWA At Home

Where do we currently ship the IKAWA Home Roaster to, and what payment methods do you accept?

At present, we ship to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kuwait and Taiwan.

We offer free international shipping with every Roaster order and we partner with DHL Worldwide Service. If we do not currently ship to your country, please email hereforyou@ikawacoffee.com and we will be happy to help. Customers may be liable for any local import duties or taxes when the delivery is to a country outside the European Union.

We currently accept Amex, Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards; Paypal, Paypal Credit, Splitit and Klarna (UK).

How do I control the IKAWA Home Roaster?

The IKAWA Home Roaster is designed to work with the IKAWA At Home app, which can be downloaded free on the iOS or Android App Store. Because the IKAWA At Home Roaster is digitally controlled, you can trust that each roast is easily repeatable and consistent.

Additionally, the app does all the heavy lifting – translating all your data points from the app (roast time, temperature and fan speed) into a beautifully roasted cup of coffee that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

A Home app user account allows you to back up your recipe library to the cloud, and access your entire recipe library from another device.

Are there recommended recipes I could use to start with; and can I create my own recipes?

Yes and Yes. When you order an IKAWA Home Roaster, you will receive a complimentary Green Coffee Starter Kit – that is 6 packs of specially selected coffees from around the world. On the back of each green coffee pack, you will find its recommended filter and espresso recipes which are created by our experienced team. Simply scan the QR code in the IKAWA At Home app and you are ready to go!

You are even able to edit these recipes to customise them exactly to your liking. Additionally, any new green coffee you purchase from our online shop will always come with recommended filter and espresso recipes. On the other hand, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also create your own recipes from scratch in the app.

How loud is the IKAWA Home Roaster during roast?

The IKAWA Home Roaster averages at about 70dB during the roast, which is no louder than your typical kitchen stovetop extractor. This means that you can use the IKAWA At Home on your kitchen countertop, which will both look and sound great – you will also be able to listen for first and second cracks!

How long does a roast on the IKAWA Home Roaster take?

You will find that many of your favourite roast recipes will usually take around 6-10 minutes. You can experiment to find what works best for you! The IKAWA Home Roaster has a maximum roast time of 12 minutes.

What is the capacity of each batch of roast on the IKAWA Home Roaster?

The roast capacity of the IKAWA Home Roaster is 60g of green coffee, which will amount to around 50g of roasted coffee beans. One of the key feature of the IKAWA At Home is its consistency and repeatability. When you send a recipe to the Roaster, it stores the latest recipe in the Roaster. This means that you can repeat the same roast over and over again, just at the touch of a button.

If I order the IKAWA Home Roaster today, when will I receive it, and what will I get out of the box?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 working days of successful payment (unless stated otherwise) and we ship with DHL Worldwide Service. Depending on where you are ordering from, the delivery may take up to 1 week from dispatch.

When you order the IKAWA Home Roaster today, you will receive the Roaster, 1 Green Coffee Starter Kit, 2 Collection Jars, 1 Power Lead (UK/EU/US), 1 Coffee Tray and 1 Tightvac Coffee Storage Jar.

Roasting on IKAWA At Home

Can I operate the IKAWA Home Roaster without the app?

The IKAWA Home Roaster is designed to work with the IKAWA At Home app, where you will be able to choose, customise and create your own recipes.

However, in the instance when you are repeating a roast recipe that was already sent to the Roaster, you do not need the app. The Roaster stores the last recipe that was sent – simply push the go button and it will run the latest recipe as many times as you like without any inputs from the app.

How does the IKAWA Home Roaster handle light or dark roasts?

The IKAWA Home Roaster will cater to your coffee preference, whether that is a light fruity roast to a dark velvety espresso roast. This is because you will have control over the roast time, temperature and fan speed. You will be sure to achieve the roast preference you desire consistently as the Roaster is digitally managed.

We suggest trying out the recommended filter and espresso recipes to start, then tweaking the recipes towards what you prefer – a longer roast for a darker velvety taste, or shorter lighter-bodied taste. Feel free to also try out different specialised recipes created by professionals found in various blog posts.

IKAWA Green Coffee

Why should I buy IKAWA green coffee?

We at IKAWA are proud of the green coffee we provide to our customers. Before they go onto our shop, our in-house team samples and tastes all available options to the highest standards. We are confident that you will enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffee. Alongside our quality guarantee, we make sure that each green coffee is traceable and ethically farmed and sourced. You can read more about each coffee on their respective pages.

Above and beyond the quality guarantee and traceability of the coffee, our experienced team creates recommended espresso and filter recipes for all green coffee we offer. We believe that you will be able to enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffee right out of the bag.

How are the green coffee on the IKAWA online shop sourced?

IKAWA’s vision is to positively impact every part of the coffee process, from farm to cup. We do our best to maintain a healthy relationship with coffee farmers, ensure that all coffee we sourced are of the highest quality and the farmers are paid and treated fairly. We do our best to maintain sourcing transparency so that you know where the coffee you love come from. You will be able to learn more about each coffee from the website and on the coffee packs.

Will the IKAWA Home Roaster roast green coffee not provided by IKAWA?

You will be able to use any other green coffee beans on IKAWA Home Roaster. However, when you purchase IKAWA green coffee from our online shop, you can be sure that we have carefully selected the best available, to bring you the freshest coffee. Additionally, you will receive recommended filter and espresso roast recipes that have been crafted by our experienced team specifically for that coffee.

Why should I sign up to the IKAWA Green Coffee Subscription?

We aim to create a more convenient and accessible way to enjoy the coffees we source. By introducing a way for you to set up recurring coffee orders, we can ensure you are always stocked up with delicious coffees, ready to roast. With greater order visibility, we are able to ensure we are ordering the right amount (ensuring crop-freshness) and make better, faster progress towards our vision of benefiting coffee growers through a more direct connection to you.

We have included shipping for everyone, even for our friends internationally. For the initial launch of our subscription, we are limiting availability to UK, Europe and North America. We hope in time; we can expand this out further.

What can I expect from the Green Coffee Subscription?

Once your order is placed, we will prepare your first month’s coffees to be shipped within 2 working days. We will then ship your subsequent coffees every month.

In each month’s shipment, you will receive two 500g bags of delicious coffees from two different coffee-producing countries, and a letter introducing the coffees from one of the many people who played a role in getting the coffee to you.

How do I manage my subscription?

You can pause or cancel your monthly subscription at any time either by emailing us or managing your account online. Please do so at least 3 business days before your next payment is scheduled to be made, if not, payment may be processed.